Sew Cool Sewing Party!

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Sewing classes for kids, teens, and adults teaching with the Kids Can Sew® Curriculum.

Students learn at their own pace, each project and skill level in the Kids Can Sew® Curriculum allows students the opportunity to learn basic through advanced techniques with skills that will last a lifetime.

Student Progress

Let kids be creative!

All kids should have the opportunity to learn new skills and sewing is a creative way to learn a lifelong skill through practice, repetition, skill-building with easy and fun projects.

Benefits of Sewing for Kids


Encourage reading and learning when they are following the sewing pattern directions. They can develop self-confidence and learn patience as well.


Taking measurements and figuring out how much fabric they need for each sewing project it’s a creative way for your kids to learn math by sewing.


Hand-eye coordination

Sewing with a needle and thread by hand, or by machine, requires hand-eye coordination. This helps to keep their brains as nimble as their fingers.

Creative Thinking

Choosing their fabric colors, textures, sizing, and designing helps to improve their creativity and individuality.

And sew much more!