Introduction To The Sewing Machine


Private sewing class for beginners age 8+

Clase privada de costura para principiantes, edad 8+

Hold Harmless Agreement

I understand the sewing instructor(s) will do their best to prevent any accident from occurring however, I agree to hold Beatriz Estrella harmless for any accident that may occur to my child/self while attending or in the process of attending sewing class and while attending any sewing activities held by the sewing instructor(s) or by The Sewing Spool.

I give permission to the instructor to take photos of my child/self to share on social media platforms that will help promote her business.

Do you want to learn how to use your sewing machine but can't commit to a monthly subscription?

Schedule a 2-hour class where we will go through your sewing machine parts, learn how to thread it, practice different stitches, learn about different types of fabric, and safety rules, and also make a small drawstring bag.

I will work with you to schedule a sewing class after the payment is confirmed. Contact me if you have any trouble submitting the payment.


¿Quieres aprender a usar tu máquina de coser pero no puedes comprometerte con una suscripción mensual?

Programa una clase de 2 horas donde revisaremos las partes de tu máquina de coser, aprenderemos a enhebrarla, practicaremos diferentes puntadas, aprenderemos sobre diferentes tipos de telas, las reglas de seguridad y también haremos una pequeña bolsa con cordón.

Trabajaré contigo para seleccionar el día y la hora de la clase una vez que el pago haya sido confirmado. Contactame si tienes algún problema haciendo el pago.


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