Are your kids taking sewing lessons already but you want to buy them their first sewing kit to use at home?

In this post, I share with you a list of the sewing tools I got for each kid in my sewing studio.

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Tape Measure

In my classes, we use the tape measure to take body measurements and figure out the size of the students when they are making clothes and to measure the distance from the grain line on the pattern to the edge of the fabric. (I got my tape measure from Joann).

Magic Pen

The Pilot Frixion Clicker (I call it magic pen) it’s great to mark the seam allowances and the ink disappears when you iron the fabric.

Tailors Chalk 

I use the Taylors chalk when the fabric it’s too dark and it’s difficult to see the magic pen marks.


The Ginger 8-inch featherweight scissors are great for little kids (8-10) who’s hands get tired easily.

I also got the Ginger 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears for older kids and adults, they are heavier but also sharper.

I also have small scissors to cut the threads.

 Sewing Pins

Flat head sewing pins are my favorite because they are easy to remove while sewing. They are ideal for medium weight fabric.

Magnetic Sewing Pincushion

The magnetic sewing pincushions are very helpful to keep the sewing pins together, also to pick up any sewing pin or needle that you drop.

Sewing Gauge

This rule is handy to measure the seam allowances on the fabric.

Seam Ripper

Most sewing machines come with a seam ripper, I got two more because they are bigger. I recommend you help your kids to rip the seams and only do it if is really necessary since they are learning, the stitches don’t have to be perfect.

Hand Sewing Needle

Some projects will require to close the openings by hand, that’s why it will be good to add them to the sewing kit list. They can also make some crafts!

Needle Threader

I just got some needle threaders because some kids struggle to insert the thread through the needle hole. 

Safety Pins

The safety pins are useful to insert elastic through a casing of a pajama pants, shorts or skirt.


I love this iron, I bought it for my students but I have been using it to iron the face masks I’m making. It’s easier to iron them since they are small and also easier to avoid ironing the elastic.



These are the must-have sewing tools in your kids’ sewing kit. You can buy them from Amazon or at your local fabric store.

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Happy sewing!